BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio plays for new single + fresh Reviews

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Incredible response so far to my new double single ‘Look Looking Around’ which I released on Thursday! Its already been played multiple times on BBC Introducing Radio and Amazing Radio as well as having features in some really cool blogs!

Come here Floyd saidSo good. JACK WOODWARD is fantastic in his single ‘Look Looking Around’. The rock single takes you on that rail towards the mountains far off in the horizon, and in the best tradition of bands like Keane, Cold Play, and Travis, JW just brings the fun-ness to level 11. The 24 year old artist from N-W England does it just right. Enjoy.

Indie Buddie saidLook Looking Around’ rushes in on a whirring spur of youthful adrenaline aloft a punchy anthemic indie foundation. Dynamic drums pound through with relentless foot stomping stamina while jangly energised guitars weave, wail and slickly entwine the smooth heartwarming melody and velvety vocals. This track has the balance on point – the edgy powerful instrumental backdrop oozes confidence and swagger while the melty ear-worm melody glides over this animated explosion with sweet luscious grandeur and finesse. Brimming with heart stopping warmth with some glorious melodic lines glimmering throughout, it’s peppy, anthemic and one to have a live audience bellowing out and uncontrollably dancing to.

Click here to Listen now to ‘Look Looking Around’!!! 

Thanks for your support! Jack

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